Antracite Puffer Bucket Hat

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With SuCo, we are preventing single-use plastic bottle waste. Now, it's time to repurpose single-use plastic bottle waste in a creative and innovative way!

With the Watercycle Collection, we are giving new life into existing plastic bottle waste. Our goal is reducing the amount of waste entering landfills and our oceans by using fabrics produced from the recycled single-use plastic bottles.

The SuCo Puffer Bucket Hat makes rainy-cold days better with its practicality, durability, and waterproof feature.

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Product Features

Material Properties

Made from acrylic-coated fabric with water-repellent properties. 100% polyester.
Water repellency: minimum 9000 mm
Weight: 88.8 g

Recommended Use

It keeps you warm with its fleece lining and protects against getting wet. It should be machine washed at 30 degrees with a low spin cycle. Do not use bleach, tumble dry, dry clean, or iron. By reducing the frequency of washing your clothes, you can actively reduce your carbon footprint.


SuCoholic is shipped with a cloth pouch.

Beden Bilgileri

Standard fit. It has an adjustable cord based on head size.


Made from recycled polyester, and thanks to circular production, fewer resources and energy were used in production.

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