How do I clean my SuCo?
We recommend hand wash only. Simply hand wash with warm water and vinegar. Blow air into the bottle and place upside down on drying rack to dry.

How do I fill my SuCo?
A: Open your bottle blow air into the bottle to expand the gusset fully, fill, screw cap back in place.

Do I need to wash my SuCo before first use?
A: SuCo's are manufactured to food safety standards.  We do however recommend that you wash before first use.  If you are not able to, or you forget- no worries! :)

Where is SuCo made?
SuCo manufactured in Turkey.

Are there any tricks to getting my SuCo perform to it's full capacity?
To fully expand, blow air into the bottle prior to filling!  This will allow you to fill the bottle to it's full capacity.  To leave air in the bottle when drinking, hold it by the seams.  This makes it so that the bottle will continue to stand on it's own as the water level changes.

To roll up tightly when empty, flatten the bottle and get rid of excess air by pressing down.  Roll the bottle from the bottom up- a few folds.