About Us

In 2015 founder Zeynep decided to help reduce single use plastic in her homeland Turkey. Single use plastic waste was a hyped topic on the global scale. However Turkey was following the world from way behind. When Zeynep had the idea of a foldable water bottle, she knew that SuCo, as a tool, would help her build a strong brand awareness about plastic waste. A single reusable bottle can prevent everyone using over hundreds of single use plastic water bottles in one year.

Even though SuCo has been building brand awareness through sustainability in Turkey, the functionality of the product is as important. SuCo won’t explode, break or it’s not heavy at atl! Therefore, the founders decided to enter the global market to change reusable water bottle habits. Since August 2021 SuCo’s been online in The United Kingdom.
SuCo was started off as just an idea in March 2015 followed by a-year-long R&D process and finally went live on www.mataramasu.co in March 2016 with 3 different designs. Today, SuCo holds 10 different designs in its product range, collaborations with hundreds of brands as references in addition to social responsibility projects.


Our first aim with the Respect for Nature Project is to reduce single use waste by limiting the use of plastic bottles in public areas and to popularize the use of flasks. Even though SuCo’s main focus is to reducing plastic waste, we work to bring focus on water consumption, climate change and other global environmental issues. That’s why SuCo has social responsibility projects over borders.
Besides reducing disposable plastic waste, reaching out to a wider range of groups by collaborating with beloved brands and organizing events within the scope of recycling plastic waste, clean water accessibility and waste issues make up SuCo’s short-term plan.


SuCo sets sight on both improving water drinking habits and reducing the disposable plastic waste that we come across everyday, polluting streets, parks and seas. In order to do so, SuCo creates collections with new designs and products that address different target groups and reach out to more SuCo users, aka "SuCoholic".

Why SuCo?

It is light and does not add extra weight to your bag.By communicating health and environmental awareness, you take a step towards preventing plastic waste.


SuCo acts with the mission of environmental and waste awareness.
.SuCo tries to make the use of flasks a habit against the consumption of single-use plastic bottles, to which millions of them are added every day.
.It offers our society a functional alternative that can be used in daily life by everyone.
.It talks about the harm to health that is associated with daily use of PET and BPA containing plastic bottles..#respectnature