World Environment Day: Show Your Respect for Nature

World Environment Day

Do we realize that each of us is actually a part of nature, we form a whole together, and that this requires living in mutual harmony? Yes, the importance of nature may have been explained to us since we were little by our teachers at school, or our parents in our nuclear family may have given importance to instilling environmental awareness in us. But have you ever asked yourself to what extent we were to internalize this after we grew up and determined our stance and perspective towards life?

In this article, lets's talk about  World Environment Day: Show Your Respect for Nature. Let's question our relationship with nature together, on this day, June 5, World Environment Day.

Why is World Environment Day Important?

Do you know the expression that human beings do not understand things without losing their value first, well if you ask us, this is exactly the case when it comes to nature. Nature is a perfect beauty that surrounds us. When we are bored, we all go outside to get some fresh air,we look forward to making programs in nature with our friends on the weekends,we think that even if it is a holiday, we can enjoy touching the green in peace. 

The sad thing is that we do not realize that nature is slipping away from us a little more every day. Drylands, perhaps apartments and buildings, take the place of the beautiful natural landscapes we are used to seeing; The seas, whose clear waters we admire, are getting more and more polluted every day. It is known that as long as we continue our current consumption and production habits, the population will be close to 10 billion by 2050 and we will need three planets to maintain our current life. Do you think that day has to come, is it not possible to realize this beforehand? We think it's possible.

People Committed to Nature

We say it is possible because we are surrounded by beautiful people who want to turn their respect for nature into an act and take action since 1972. And they are from all over the world! Yes, in 1972, the United Nations Organization met with 133 countries in Stockholm to convene the Environment Conference. During the conference, ideas were generated on many topics from individuals, what measures can be taken against environmental pollution in general, global warming, sustainable consumption to marine pollution. 

At the end of the conference, it was concluded that June 5th was accepted as the “World Environment Day” and important decisions were taken such as sustainable development and the use of natural resources in a renewable way. In this context, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) was established and World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time in 1974 with the slogan "One World".

World Environment Day

Since then, it continues to support the issue of millions of people who want to change the consumption habits of society. Likewise, it is possible to say that the sensitivity of the public has increased over time, but unfortunately, as time passed, the problems that need to be solved about nature have grown. We didn't know where to start when we were talking about global climate changes, access to clean water, increasing world population, nuclear energy issues, and the destruction of green areas. However, the most important thing is not to start from the right place, but to start from 'somewhere' no matter what, believe me, the rest is coming.

World Environment Day, where countless events are held every year in more than 100 countries to create a universal awareness about nature, takes place every year with a specific theme and with the support of the host country. This year's theme is air pollution, which causes about 7 million people to die at an early age every year, and China is the country where the celebrations will be held.

If you ask why China, we can say that it is a leader with its ever-growing green energy sector. Half of the world's electric cars and 99% of electric buses are located in China. Therefore, on June 5, in addition to various events that will take place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China is expected to showcase its innovation efforts to create a more sustainable nature.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day: Respect for Nature

We should not forget that special days such as World Environment Day are for societies to come together and generate ideas for creating green technologies and advancing renewable energy; every new day we wake up is very important for us to change our habits and become individuals who are beneficial to nature. 

Thinking twice when buying something and avoiding unnecessary consumption, using water consciously, removing disposable plastics from our lives as much as possible, developing alternatives, for example, getting into the habit of going shopping with a cloth bag or starting to use flasks, recycling, researching ways to re-evaluate the wastes we produce, and doing a lot of work are ways to turn our respect for nature into action and preserve nature's amazing beauty. Don't you think it's time to take action to leave a more livable world to future generations?

In this article, we talked about World Environment Day: Show Your Respect for Nature. In our previous article:

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