The Queen of the Ocean

The Queen of the Ocean

Did you hear about the book made solely from the plastic waste gathered from the ocean? According to Waste Free Oceans, the key point of saving the oceans full of plastic waste is to raise children’s awareness regarding the issue. In accordance with this purpose, the organization came together with Jung con Matt and design a book for children, called: The Queen of the Ocean. Besides being made only from the plastic waste, the book gives information about what could be done to preserve the oceans.

The Queen of the Ocean

According to the ocean pollution figures stated at the United Nations Ocean Conference, by 2050 there will be a more plastic waste in the ocean than fish. Waste Free Oceans and Teijin are among the organizations that realized this and took action on this issue.

What did they do? They came together and created the world's first children's book, which they created from plastic waste collected only from the ocean. The CEO of Waste Free Oceans, describes the project with these words: “We aimed to create change by refusing to use natural resources in large quantities. Instead of just usable resources, we turned the wastes that cause real harm to us today into benefits with this project.”

The story, written by Laura Collinson is as follows: a young girl, Pipa has a dream of swimming with the marine animals. However, she realizes that none of the animals living in the ocean can swim because they are all tied up in plastic. So, she talks with her family and tell them they should reconsider their use of plastics. Since Pipa plays a role in raising the awareness about this issue, she becomes “the Queen of the Ocean”.

At this point, the aim of the book is; Of course, it is not to ensure that the use of plastic is reduced to zero in every home, but to ensure that the waste thrown into nature and the harm its causes living things gain a place in the minds of children.

As you can see, the things we can do for reducing the plastic waste is limitless. Today, you can make the time that for thinking the ways you can contribute to this issue. This can include informing the people surrounding you. Use your potential and creativity: the nature needs your beautiful ideas!

If you intend to reduce the use of plastic waste, you can take some small steps by examining our sustainable solution partner products. The small steps you take will add a lot of beauty to your life and the world!

Using flasks, using shopping bags instead of bags, or starting to wear eco-friendly sweatshirt models serve an important purpose.

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